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Food takes up a lot of real estate in my head (Is anyone else’s favorite place the grocery store?). Whether it’s the weekly menu on our kitchen chalkboard, or the labor-intensive recipe I’m trying that weekend, cooking is always on my mind.

I’m very focused on putting food on my family’s table that will fuel us to be our best selves. We don’t subscribe to any particular diet, but feel best when our meals are plant-centered. Don’t get me wrong, my husband and I slam double cheeseburgers with the best of them. But by reserving animal proteins for once or twice a week, we can help our planet, and we don’t wake up feeling like we need to hike 5 miles (we do that because we want to).

I cook with whole grains, seasonal produce, and plenty of healthy fats. Most of my recipes are inspired by a combination of others, and I hope that you will look at my posts as such- inspiration! Cooking needs to be fun, and open to each cooks’ interpretations. Always substitute or omit ingredients based on your diet and preferences, but don’t be afraid to try new flavors.

My husband Ryan and I live in Pittsburgh with our yellow haired, vehicle and nature-loving little boy named Jack. Showing the next generation how to cook in a way that is both nutritious, and delicious is one of my favorite perks of parenthood.

Although cooking is arguably my biggest passion, I have zero professional experience. I created a Facebook group at the start of 2020, to bring my friends and family together around the virtual dinner table. I hope that this page can be an extension of that idea.


Please ask questions. Please share your opinions. The conversation is part of what makes this a community, which is my greatest desire. Send me a message if you have any recipes I should try, or questions about a post.


Thanks for submitting!

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